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Gravimetry is used to survey the gravity field of the Earth. A precondition to succeed is an exact altimetry.

Sample applications:

  • Exploration of geological structure and lithological formation of subsurface
  • Detection of fault zones, especially in regions of crystalline bedrock
  • Cavity detection
  • Investigation of thickness/density of waste sites
Diagram showing results of gravimetric exploration (map showing Bouguer gravity)

The diagram shows results of gravimetric exploration (Bouguer anomalies)

The gravimetric exploration delivers maps of local gravity fields. In the example, areas of low gravity acceleration are displayed in green. This example shows a micro-gravimetric exploration carried out for land development. Intention was finding karst cavities. In this display of the measured data, i. e. a map of Boguer gravity, one sees green areas of anomalies with low gravity values that indicate mass deficits and therefore possible cavities.